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Wednesday, 9 March 2011
The Wurzels. I suggest you just accept them as your overlords and get on with it.
The Wurzels. Four cheeky chappies from Somerset. A novelty act. Scrumpy and Western Legends who like to crowbar animal noises and references to zider into every song.

But is there more to the west country warblers?

I am an unabashed Wurzel fan, and in listening to their songs over the years, I've come to the conclusion that beneath the laughter are darker observations of every day life in the West Country.

Their music tackles the thorny issues of immigration, mental illness, the cult of celebrity, bestiality, our failing educational system, and the collapse of family - in short, everything that a string of newspapers insist on calling 'Broken Britain'. Yet their wisdom has been largely ignored by more fashionable musical political commentators, like Billy '£1.5 million house' Bragg, 'really annoying' Bono and Bob Marley. (Yeah, I got nothing on him.)

No more.

In a career spanning more than 40 years, the 'farmyard four', as they are known by their legion of screaming fans, have used novelty songs to shine a spotlight on the darkest parts of society and been wrongly dismissed as a harmless novelty act.

The group has used music to tell stories of the social injustices carried out on rural societies across the UK and I intend to use this blog to celebrate it.

The Wisdom of the Wurzels has been ignored for too long. I intend to put that right, or die trying.

..or at least have some fun while I'm doing it.


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